Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

If you are in quest of the perfect summer destination in Europe, that is steeped in culture and tradition on the one hand and has a dynamic nightlife on the other, Rhodes Island should be on your must-visit list in Europe.

This beautiful island is known to cater to the most demanding of tourists who want just everything one can ask for from one holiday destination!

Rhodes Island, has one of the largest medieval cities in the whole Europe and is the fourth largest Greek island. It is home to well-maintained medieval castles and archaeological sites and has been declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO.

Seven Springs Rhodes Island- A perfect getaway to beat the heat in the lap of nature

One of the major attractions of the island city, located about 30 kilometres off its capital is the Seven Springs also known as the Epta Piges. Epta Piges is one of nature’s best offering set within a beautiful and deep woodland with amazing flowing waters that ultimately leads to a small lake. Seven Springs gets its name from seven different fresh water springs that provide cool fresh water all year long.

Epta Piges Rhodes
Epta Piges Rhodes

The seven springs join together to form the River Loutanis which flows through an 180 meter long dark, narrow tunnel. While the springs are nature’s gift, the lake is man-made. The history of the lake dates back to the Italians who then occupied the island and constructed a dam and a lake to provide water to the surrounding area of Kolympia for consumption and irrigation purposes.

Today Seven Springs is justifiably one of the highest visited tourist spots simply because of its picture perfect setting that could well be out of a story book! What could be more thrilling than walking through a dark narrow tunnel through the forest! If you are tickled by the imminent sense of adventure, read on!

When walking through the tunnel

The water in the tunnel is about ankle high and tourists need to walk in a single file, not to far away from each other. You need to be extra cautious if you have children taking a walk in the tunnel with you, as it not a very short walk and they may be frightened. It is essential to wear comfortable clothes and carry flipflops if you intend to take a walk.
It is also a good idea to carry a flashlight as you trek through the tunnel. Once you reach the tunnel you can choose to take a swim in the lake. If you are visiting the Seven Springs in the peak of summer, a cool dip in the lake is sure to seem like a heaven sent!
If you are scared of tight spaces or suffer from claustrophobia, walking through this tunnel may not be the best idea for you. You can choose to walk through the forest instead through the designated path and reach the other side of the tunnel. Once you are done walking through the tunnel or just the forest trail, you cannot miss the Epta Piges Taverna Restaurant that is reminiscent of the old world charm.

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