Rhodes Travel Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Rhodes (Rodos) Island is the largest island in the group of Greece’s Dodecanese islands located in the Aegean Sea.

The island is well known for pristine beaches, and ancient remnants of Greek architecture left behind by the Knights of St. John that serves as some of the most mesmerising sites of historical importance- serve as one of the prime tourist destinations in Greece.

If you are searching for the perfect getaway in the Mediterranean, Rhodes serves as one of the best picks among them.

It is due to the flurry of spots, scenes and a beautiful climate to offer to the tourists who arrive here. Make the most of the serene atmosphere this charming island has to offer in the southeastern Aegean Sea.

In this travel guide, we are going to provide you with a detailed insight on what Rhodes is all about, how to explore Rhodes and make the most of your getaway here.

You can explore this place both on and off the beaten track, as Rhodes has so much more to offer than just Old Town and Lindos.

Breathe in the breezy sea breeze of the Aegean Sea and lose yourself in your walkthrough antiquity, right here in Rhodes.

No wonder it has gained such massive acclaim across Europe as one of the most popular destination getaways.

Mandraki Harbour Entrance

Explore Rhodes holidays and discover the best time and places to visit

Rhodes might be the fourth largest Greek island, but one can still manage to cover the entire island.

While the Old Town in Rhodes gives you the flavour of a picturesque Greek city adorned with medieval architecture buildings reminiscent of Knights and the Byzantine Empire connected with cobbled roads, Lindos happens to be a picture-perfect town filled with white cubical houses and a pristine beach bay.

Apart from these two main spots, there are plenty of off-beat places to offer where you can escape from the overwhelming summer crowd present at those two prime spots in Rhodes.

The eastern reach of this island has some of the best beaches, and the main resorts are located in this region only.

However, the western reach of this island is a bit steeper and heavily forested with coniferous trees.

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If you are seeking for some thrill during your visit here, get down to the southern part of Rhodes- which is a heaven for windsurfers thanks to the sweeping winds.

There are plenty of restaurants apart from the resorts where you can experience some mouth-watering cuisine.

The nightlife is also very safe and lively here in Rhodes.

It witnesses a significant exodus of tourists during the summer months, so make sure you plan your visit here post-August or in May if you are looking to escape the possible brutal summer crowd of tourists.

The Village of Lindos and the Acropolis

What to do in Rhodes?

If you find yourself in Rhodes for a getaway, there is no way you should give the Medieval Town a miss.

Experience the fragrance of the rich history Rhodes has to offer with the medieval architecture houses reminiscent of the Knight Period.

Indulge yourself in a warm cup of espresso at the cafes in the Kallithea springs which once used to be a spa.

Coming to Rhodes and not visiting Lindos would be a sheer foolish act.

Find yourself lost in the mesmerising ancient acropolis with whitewashed cubical buildings, enchanting lanes and pristine beaches.

Other tourist spots include the Tsambika bay, where you can enjoy the stunning view of the Aegean Sea from the monastery here at Tsambika.

You can also take a boat ride from Mandraki and enjoy a peaceful picnic in the Anthony Quinn Bay.

You can also undertake day trips by taking a boat ride to Symi, Chalki and even Marmaris located in Turkey.

Some other travel agencies located here also make organised guided trips to the other islands located in the Dodecanese region of Greece.

Kallithea Springs Entrance

Where to Stay?

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How to get to Rhodes?

Airports and Flights

Rhodes Diagoras Airport, located 15 km off Rhodes city centre, is connected by both national and international flights. It is connected to the main town with frequent buses and taxi services to the city centre. Taxis might be a bit expensive, as the distance from the airport to Rhodes town is substantial. Keep in mind that vehicles cannot enter Old Town as the streets are cobbled. Be careful of the cobbles as they might ruin your trolley luggage wheels.

Ferry Connections

Avail ferries and tourist boats from Mandraki harbour to get around the island as well as visiting nearby Greek island of Symi.

Rhodes  is one of the main jetties for ferry services in the Dodecanese cluster.

It is a twenty-minute walk from the city centre. You can visit places like Kastellorizo, Chalki, Symi, Tilos, Karpathos and Kalymnos located around Rhodes.

You can also connect to mainland Greece and Athens via Piraeus with the ferry service available here.

There is also an international ferry service connecting with Marmaris at the Turkish coast.

Panoramic View of Rhodes Town

How to get around

Local bus services are also available around Rhodes, and they mainly run during summers when Rhodes is filled to the brim with tourists.

The routes radiate out of Rhodes town to several destinations located around the fringes.

The main bus station is located at Nea Agora (New Market).

You can also avail self-driven car rental services in the airport or at several places of the island to get around.