An expert guide to a day in Lindos

Lindos is a cyladic architecture village located on the Greek Island of Rhodes.

Although the number of local inhabitants is very less, tourists from various parts of the world flock here during summertime, due to the presence of the sugar-cube shaped whitewashed buildings famously known as “Captain’s houses” and the pristine turquoise bay.

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Although it is a medieval city connected with pedestrianised cobbled roads built between the 13th and the 16th century, it is home to several resorts due to the sheer beauty this place provides.

Legend has it that Lindos was set up by one of the divine sons of Zeus, and historically dates back to 1000BC, known to be discovered by the Dorians. Its location and the beauty of this town, along with the unique architecture of this place makes this place a bustling hub of tourists, especially during summer months.

Panoramic view of Lindos Village and Acropolis
Panoramic view of Lindos Village and Acropolis

How to get There

Lindos is directly connected to roads leading to Rhodes Diagoras Airport and is approximately fifty-six kilometers away. A taxi from the airport will take you back for 75 euros. Lindos also has bus services available for a fee of 5.50 euros. You can also reach Lindos by boat from the main port of Rhodes at Mandraki Port.

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Keep in mind that the entire city is pedestrianised, and only mopeds can be used to get around this city. If you are driving here, there are ample parking spaces along the edges of this city where you can park your car and proceed walking to discover what lies ahead in Lindos. You can also rent a donkey (yes, you read that right!) against a charge of six euros if you want to access any part of the city without walking. Donkey and Mopeds continue to be the only means to get around the city apart from walking.

Bus timetable

Lindos is connected to Rhodes town with about 20 bus routes per day during the summer season (fewer in winter). See the itineraries here

Arrival by Car

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Lindos distance from :

Medieval Town51.5kmKallithea46km
Rhodes Downtown51.5kmFaliraki38km

Arrival by Taxi

Lindos Taxi Pricelist from :

Rhodes Town65 EuroKalithea59 Euro
Rhodos Old Town65 EuroFaliraki50 Euro
Ixia65 EuroVlycha Beach9 Euro
Airport65 EuroPefkos8 Euro

Arrival by Boat

If you choose to get to Lindos by boat then you will land at Skala port – beach.

Skala Port and Beach (Pallas Beach) Lindos
Skala Port and Beach (Pallas Beach) Lindos

From there passing through the picturesque taverns and the beach you have two options:

The first option is to follow the uphill path that leads either to the Acropolis or to the center of the village.

Going up the steep path, stop at the church of St. George of Pachymachiotis to relax under the big tree and enjoy the view.

After a few steps you will see the signs to the left that will lead you to the Acropolis.

From this path pass the donkeys that either go up to the Acropolis or head to the beach of Skala.

Continuing straight you will be taken to the main square of the village.


The second option is to follow the path that leads to the main beach of Lindos.

Path between Skala and Lindos Main beach.

Lindos Attractions and Things to Do

Visit the Acropolis of Lindos

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (7:30 p.m.)

The ticket to enter the Acropolis is expensive, it costs 12 euros.

However, when you consider that you are visiting a place that is even older than the Acropolis of Athens (the worship of the goddess Athena at this particular site dates back to the 9th century BC), then it worth the time , money and effort.

Access for people with mobility problems is not possible, although a corresponding technical project is in development.

If your physical condition or health is not good, don’t try it.

You should definitely have water with you because climbing up the hill is long and requires endurance, especially under the hot summer sun.

You must wear sports shoes and not flip flops as the ground is slippery in several parts of the route. A hat for the sun and an extra change of clothes as you will sweat a lot.

Walk through downtown Lindos

Explore the narrow and cool streets in the center of Lindos village.

Walk under the pergolas of climbing plants and vines between the white walls of the Lindian houses and feel the cold air coming from the air-conditioned small shops and cafes of this traditional village.

Not to mention the wonderful smells of food, coffee and crepes from the restaurants mixed with the smell of traditional olive oil soaps from the tourist shops.

It is good to visit the center of Lindos after the Acropolis so you can rest.

Panagia Church

While you are in the center of Lindos you can visit the Church of Panagia

Admire the architecture of the village

Admire the beautiful mosaic floors made of white and black pebbles in the courtyards of the houses and in some shops and restaurants.

The central doors of the houses are also notable.

Tomb of Kleovoulos

This is not the tomb of the ancient tyrant Kleovoulos.

It is the grave of a rich Lindian family from the 2nd and 1st centuries BC.

A Christian church was later built on this particular tomb, probably in honor of Saint Aemilianos


Saint Paul's Chapel and Acropolis in Lindos
Saint Paul’s Chapel and Acropolis in Lindos

This small chapel is located on the beautiful beach of Agios Pavlos.

It is said that the Apostle Paul landed there during his third missionary journey to spread Christianity on the island of Rhodes.

Swim at one of Lindos’ beaches

Whether you’re traveling by car for a day, by boat for a day trip or have decided to spend your entire holiday here, Lindos has some of the island’s most beautiful beaches within easy reach.

Lindos beaches

Lindos Main Beach

Main Beach, also known as the Big Beach of Lindos
Main Beach, also known as the Big Beach by Lindos

It is the largest beach in Lindos and can be reached by car. More pictures can be found here.

Skala Beach

Skala Beach (Pallas Beach), Tourist port and restaurants
Skala Beach (Pallas Beach), Tourist port and restaurants

It is located in the tourist harbor where the day cruise boats dock. More pictures can be found here.

Saint Paul Beach

The picturesque beach and the chapel of Saint Paul's Bay
The picturesque beach and the chapel of Saint Paul’s Bay

It lies on the edge of a small natural bay next to the Chapel of the Apostle Paul. More pictures can be found here.

Saint Paul beach under the acropolis

Saint Paul Bay Under the Acropolis of Lindos
Saint Paul Bay Under the Acropolis of Lindos

Ιt is located on the opposite side of the chapel near the village, below the Akropolis. The beach is very small but picturesque. More pictures can be found here.

Other beaches nearby

If you are traveling with your own vehicle, Vlycha and Pefkos are other notable beaches nearby.

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