Nomad Mediterranean Gastronomy


12 islands
Spinach, crispy crust with sesame, feta, cream cheese, dill & honey vinaigrette.
Iceberg, shrimps, grilled pineapple, crouton & Caesar dressing.
Cote d Azur
Endives, valerian, walnut, peach, mushrooms & Roquefort dressing.
Beetroot leaves, pomegranate, fig, jamon, churros & dressing petimezi.
Breads & Dips
Variety of bread, breadsticks, extra virgin olive oil G dips.

From the Land

Black olive soil, basil pesto, arugula leaves, Santorini tomato chutney & onion pickle.
Rise croquette with ratatouille & habanero chili pepper mayonnaise.
Breaded crispy fondue, with prosciutto crudo, fig & onion chutney.
Beef fillet, caper, kadaifi, yolk gel & cypress emulsion.

From the Sea

Valley shrimps, chili, lemon, passion fruit, onion corn G mint.
Octopus, white taramas cream, caramelised onions, orange fillet & glaze lemon.
White* fish fillet, sea urchin, coriander, chili, tonka & lemon oil dressing. (Depending on the supply of the day).
Tuna – Ki
With sesame crust, cauliflower – coconut puree & merlot sauce.

From the Land

Mushroom Risotto
Mushrooms – fresh truffle – cream cheese from the mainland of Greece, parsley oil & aromatic herbs.
Cretan risotto
Chicken fillet, yogurt, vegetables, dill, parsley & Cretan meat broth from lamp and chicken.
Pork iberico
Carrot puree, broccoli, caramelised eschalot onions G demiglace sauce
Black Angus, baby vegetables, noisette butter & pepper sauce.

From the Sea

Sea urchin pasta
Spaghetti, sea urchin, roe, clams, onions, garlic & shells sauce.
Lobster pasta
Linguine, lobster tartar, beetroot powder, cognac G bisque.
Sea bass fillet
Seasonal greens, baby carrot, velouté lemon & olive oil.
Sole fillet
Breaded with almond, celeriac puree, beetroot saute, & tartare sauce.
Tuna fillet
Panzerotti stuffed with porcini mushrooms cooked in veloute sea sauce, brick & bonito flakes.

Surf & turf

Aegean Paella
Orzo from Thasos Island, shrimps, octopus, mussels, Mykonos sausage, vegetables & lobster bisk.
Beef fillet & lobster
Twice-cooked crispy paprika potatoes, sauce bearnaise & garlic butter.
Papoutsakia – Vegan
Eggplant, celeriac puree, vegetables caponata, hazel mint G tomato fermented sauce.


White chocolate mousse flavored with mastic, hazel & rose syrup.
Mascarpone cream, Savoyard biscuits flavored with Greek coffee & cacao pounder.
Valrhona 70% bitter chocolate, phyllo pastry crust & berries.
Crema Catalana
Pistachio flavored cream, bilberry, mint & caramelized sugar crust.

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