Rhodes Old Town Map and Street Directory

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St. Athanasios Gate

St. John's Gate

D' Amboise Gate

St. Anthony Gate

Elefterias Gate ( Gate of Limberty)

St. Paul's Gate

Arsenal Gate

Arnauld Gate

Marine Gate

Gate of the Virgin Mary

St. Catherine's Gate

Acandia Gate

Suleiman's Mosque

Chamza Bei Mosque

Sultan Mustafa Mosque

Mehmet Aga Mosque

Sintrivan (Sandirvan) Mosque

Ibrahim Pasha Mosque

Retzep Pasha Mosque

St. Nicolas and St. Augustine Churches Omirou Street

St. Nicolas and St. Augustine Churches Andronikou Street

St. Athanasios Church

Archangel Michael's Church

St. Kyriaki

St. Theodore Stratelates and St. Theodore of Amasea Church

St. Fanourios Church

St. Paraskevi Church

St. John's Church

St. John's Church

St. Marina's Church

St. Catherine's Church

Holy Trinity's Church

The Holy Apostles Church

Saints Constantine and Helen Church

St. Artemios Church

St. Spyridon Church

St. George's Church

St. Panteleimon's Church

St. Mark's Church

Holy Trinity's Church (Archangel Michael's Church)

Church of our Lady of the Castle

Church of the Virgin of the Burgh (Split Church)

Ancient Temple of Afroditi Ruins

Street of the Knights (Ippoton Street)

Archaeological Museum (Hospital of the Knights)

Palace of Grand Master

Roloi Clock Tower

Turkish Library (Hafiz Ahmet Aga Library)

Yeni Hamam (Municipal Baths – Ottoman Baths)

Rhodes Synagogue

Jewish Museum

Rhodes Old Town Street Directory

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