Mezzaluna Restaurant



Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread with cheese and oregano
Pita Bread (2 pita bread with dip)



Hummus with tahini

Fava (Split Pea)
with caramelized onions and roasted almonds

Aubergine Salad
with tahini and walnuts

Taramosalata (Fish Roe)
garnished with organic caviar

Bruschetta topped with pesto,
tomato, olives, capers and manouri cheese

Bruschetta topped with smoked Salmon,
cherry tomatoes, rocket and avocado cream

Ravioli stuffed with Mozzarella,
crispy prosciutto, Greek yoghurt and chorizo

Fresh Mushrooms
sauteed with garlic

Smoked Grilled Vegetables
with manouri cheese

Prawns sauteed
with whiskey and mandarin sauce & salad

Cheese Croquettes
coated in sesame seeds served with tomato jam

Mastello Cheese Saganaki
served with chutney apple-tomato

Haloumi Cheese
served with grilled vegetables & balsamic

Mediterranean vegetable pie
with sun-dried tomato yoghurt sauce

Fresh Grilled Octopus served with greens

Fried Calamari (Squid)
served with garlic sauce & salad

Smoked Trout
with cherry-botarga chutney, onions & capelin roe

Beef sauteed
with mushrooms finished in sweet wine

Fresh Fried Potatoes



Greek Salad
Tomato, cucumber, green peppers, olives, onion, capers, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano

Green Salad
Cherry tomatoes, manouri cheese, melekouni (nougat with honey) and honey vinaigrette

Selection of lettuces with chicken fillets, avocado, mango, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan cheese in orange dressing

Quinoa Salad
Cherry tomatoes, green peppers, radish, cucumber, avocado, cranberry in dressing of lime, mayo, ginger and coriander

Caesar Salad
Chicken, iceberg, crispy bacon, croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing

Mediterranean Salad
Selection of lettuces, apple, orange, fig, pomegranate, pine nuts, parmesan flakes topped with balsamic fig vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon Salad
Selection of lettuces, avocado, cucumber, green peppers, cherry tomatoes and onion, with olive oil & lemon

Pasta | Risotto

Spaghetti Napolitana
with basil

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Spaghetti with Basil Pesto
parmesan & pine nuts

Taglioline Nero di Seppia
Salmon, vodka, cream, dill and organic caviar

Spinach and Ricotta Tortelli Mezzaluna
Sauteed Chicken fillets, green peppers, mushrooms, cream & parmesan

Seafood Spaghetti
Shrimps, mussels, calamari, fresh tomato and basil

Lobster Linguine
for 2 persons (800-1200gr Lobster)

Mushrooms Risotto
Variety of mushrooms flavored with truffle oil & parmesan

Risotto with Red Sea Bream Fillet
and crispy prawn

Risotto Apaki
Smoked pork “Cretan delicacy”, leeks, sun-dried tomato and graviera Naxou cheese


Traditional Greek Dishes


Beef Giouvetsi with Orzo

Lamb Kleftiko

Lamb Shank slow cooked with Orzoto

Main Dishes | Meat

Pork Fillet Pesto Rosso
with selection of vegetables and baby potatoes

Beef Fillet
with vegetables and crushed potatoes

Beef Fillet with Prawns
served with vegetables and sweet potato puree

Beef Tagliata
served with crushed potatoes, rocket and parmesan

Rolled Chicken Fillet
stuffed with parmesan cream, sun-dried tomatoes and basil, served with vegetables and sweet potato puree

Chicken Souvlaki
served with vegetables and baby potatoes

Pork Steak (600gr.)
served with crushed potatoes and grilled vegetables

T-Bone Steak (500gr.)
served with crushed potatoes and grilled vegetables

*(choice of sauces: Bearnaise, Peppercorn, A la Creme, Gravy)

Main Dishes | Seafood

Sea Bass Fillet Sauteed
with spinach, onions, sun-dried tomatoes & sweet red wine

Sea Bream grilled (500gr)
with vegetables

Tuna Fillet
grilled with marinated vegetables

Salmon Fillet
grilled with vegetables & sweet potato puree

grilled with salad

Calamari (Squid)
stuffed with feta cheese, graviera cheese, peppers and salad

Grilled Fish Plate for 2 persons
Sea Bream, Tuna Fillet, Calamari, Mussels & grilled vegetables

Fish of the Day (per kilo)


Children’s Menu

Chicken Nuggets
with french fries

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Napolitana

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Special (bacon, ham, green peppers & mushrooms)

Sweets Desserts

Chocolate Souffle
served with vanilla ice cream

Orange Cake
served with vanilla ice cream

with strawberry coulis

Panna Cotta
with espresso cream

stuffed with vanilla ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce & whipped cream

Ice Cream assorted flavours

Sorbet assorted flavours

Sorbet with Vodka






Freddo Espresso

Freddo Cappuccino

Greek Coffee

Irish Coffee

Tea (various flavors)

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